• Economical: No Internet, telephone, or photo-copy expenses needed as the multimedia packages let you study on your own. Download notes at no cost. Save on photocopying.
  • ZOOMI boosts up your retentive capabilities through its skillful and extensively researched interactive courses that make learning fun and easy, helping you remember courses months after you learnt them.
  • Zoomi optimizes your study period. The Calendar Feature ensures that you cover every topic, and also have sufficient time for revision and self-assessment.
  • Reports feature keeps you on track with course coverage reports and test results. You can even compare your Reports with other students across India for greater motivation.
  • Stay connected with experts, faculties, and classmates to get prompt solution to your doubts by Chat, Discussion or Blogs of experts.
  • Update yourself about Exam, Time-table, Competition Circulars, Achievement records, Program Announcements, Notices, Results, Attendance Records, and Faculty Comments.
  • 'My Class' aims to address general administrative concerns meant for the entire class/semester/year.
  • The students are never absent now with constant updates about their educational concerns while on Zoomi.
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